• Greg Johnson, President and CEO of Franklin Resources.

    Greg Johnson, President and CEO of Franklin Resources.

    Photographed at Franklin Templeton, San Mateo, California for Barron's.

  • Myrtle Potter

    Myrtle Potter

    COO of Genetech for TIME

  • Larry Ellison

    Larry Ellison

    Oracle, Founder, photographed at his home in San Francisco for Business Week.

  • Michael Zapruder

    Michael Zapruder

    Music Curator, Pandora

  • SF Jazz Collective.

    SF Jazz Collective.

  • Business Week

    Business Week

    Claude Leglise, Intel Vice President

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  • George Lucas

    George Lucas

    Filmmaker and Director, photographed at Skywalker Ranch for Business Week.

  • Randy Komisar

    Randy Komisar

    Entrepreneur, author of the Monk and the Riddle, founding Director of TIVo, CEO of LucasArts Entertainment.

  • Max Gunawan

    Max Gunawan

    Lumio, Founder.

  • Mike Officer

    Mike Officer

    Founder of Carlisle Winery & Vineyards photographed in Napa, California for Business Week.

  • Johathan Franzen, author.

    Johathan Franzen, author.

  • Stewart Brand

    Stewart Brand

    Founder of the Well, editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and author of Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto for Business Week

  • Alice Walker

    Alice Walker

    Pulizter prize winning author and poet photographed at home in Mendocino County, California, for the London Observer.